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Professionals use quality products made for skin, which wipe off with water. Beginners use cheaper
paints, acrylics, or pens, which stain or damage skin. ie.:

Did you know craft glitter is tiny razor-sharp metal flakes which can scar eye-balls? A
professional face painter would, and only uses cosmetic glitters.

Professionals have
strict hygiene guidelines, e.g. using a clean sponge per face;
amateurs often have dirty kits, filthy water and one sponge which is used on every client all
Professionals are fully insured and keep up to date with training, products and procedures.


Professionals can produce beautiful faces in around five minutes, meaning we paint over
3 times as many people as most amateurs - we give more value for the money.
We are used to working with big crowds or small, lines will not faze us.
I have worked near others who were painting for free, and still had a line all day who would
rather wait, and pay for me, than go to the others.


Professionals paint faces every day - it is our job so we have a wide range of designs.
We have clean, well-presented up-to-date kits - and we know how to use them!
We have the
expertise and experience to work easily & efficiently, meaning a less stressful
day for you.
Our faces have the "Wow!" effect rather than the"Umm...and what are you meant to be?"

We make you look good, whether you are a client we have painted or the host of the
Please pass on these comments to any beginners you know - we want
to raise the skills & standards in our industry! I'm happy to help them
WARNING: cheap face paints & crayons stain faces and can be dangerous!
Buy good brands like Snazaroo, Grimas, Kryolan or Paradise from proper
year often stain faces badly!!!
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