These Are General Guidelines for pricing your function
We encourage you to write us in the space below to get an exact quote
Face Painting  
hourly rate of $75. Per hr.  
If you go over an hour but less than two hrs you are charged at the fraction of the hr.

*Things to consider: Do i want face painting to be available the whole party so people who come in at different
times can get painted, also do you want the guests to be able to come back for more than one design or not.
The more elaborate the designs, the more time each person will take and the more hrs. you will need to pay for.

For Example we can do about 15 Cheek-arts in an hour-
see examples on our cheek-art page.  So 15 guests x 1 hr=$75.
Eye masks - Full faces- about 6-10 guests in one hr.

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Cotton Candy made on location:
$100. per hr.
$75. Per hr. (with face painting)

A Yuma original since 2007.

We started this business by setting out to bring Gourmet Cotton Candy to Yuma.
Gourmet means that:
We bring custom mixes (made by Daddy not pre-mixed from a box)  and at least 5 different
flavors!- Like Banana & Cherry Berry Bubble gum!

It is operated by a Professional with years of experience making cotton candy, not a volunteer.

And made with a Machine that you Can't Rent yourself.

***Please Note**** When we make cotton candy on location we use a professional high out put
machine that is usually superior to the machines you rent in out-put per minute & quality of
cotton candy.  Especially well suited for large parties and fundraisers. Guest of ALL AGES love
the superior cotton candy you just can't get anywhere else!  & the high out put means LOTS of
HAPPY CUSTOMERS so you can serve cotton candy and make money for your organization
Pricing A Party

Use Our Handy Priceing Guide to figure out what your party would cost.
Choose the Services Desired & multiple by the hours needed.

*You Can call or TEXT: 928-388-5278 with questions/availability for a
specific date

Lock in Your Date  by paying a $25.00 Deposit
Just press the buy now button below
*(subject to availability)
*you can text us at 928-388-5278 to check availability -928-388-527
Balloon Twisting:
hourly rate of $70. Per hr.
(performance art) custom balloon designs
made right before the children's eyes)
Henna Tattoos: $75. per hr.
Glitter Tattoos
hourly rate of $80. Per hr.
(see glittertatoos)

We can do about 15 Tattoos in an hr.